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This game is AMAZING  (°O°). I LOVE that it has a leader board because its always fun to try and get the best score and have your (name) up there, and also how simple the game looks. I think it would be cool if the next update let MAC users be able to use the score board, but other than that it is a great game. 

Amazing job making this game (°0°).

I realy reccomend this game!Its funny and it need some skills to play it.Its not just some easy game and boring game which you will play for 5 minutes and quit!Great job developer!!!!Also,I am no commentary youtuber and here is a video!

1.8 works like a charm on windows.  There seems to be a bug eventually where a level may spawn with no boss, which seems to happen after a level spawns with 2 bosses.  Its sad I can't submit my high score because I can't die haha.

Love the game bud, thank you for this.

Oh wow. You got far! I’ll patch it tonight. Thanks for the update ;D

I put out 1.9 just now, so you should be able to get much farther than in the past. I will be dabbling around with this game when I am not working on my other project, so I'll be putting some more content in. 

heck yeah!

I beat it again, and got the high score on video:

Really love playing this :]

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haha i am working on some stuff and literally just saw it get posted. Imma check that out!

Thank you again :) 

I want you to know I am putting more content in to allow further progression. I didn’t expect anyone to be killing it like you are, and that’s a great problem to have. This current build has a grand champion on the title screen and your name is on top. 

Definitely pushing that update today, likely with more content to play as well. 

Thank you 😊 


heck YES

There is a new build out. It should be infinite now, although currently just has more and more of the same enemies. I will be implementing some new bosses and evolutions soon.