1.10 Patch

Legends Evolve Patch 1.10 is live!

  • Added Grand Champion to title screen (move to top of screen to see)
  • Screen shake added on player death
  • Progression through levels should now be infinite

Thank to to everyone who has been playing, and especially Otay for uploading a gameplay video, https://www.twitch.tv/videos/332937195 Grats on the highscore! It allowed me to observe gameplay, provide fixes, as well as inspires me to add new content.

Will be working on a Patch 2.0 soon

  • New bosses
  • Added evolutions


LegendsEvolveWin1.10.zip 13 MB
Nov 08, 2018
LegendsEvolveMac1.10.app.zip 18 MB
Nov 08, 2018

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